Hi, I'm the developer of LiquiBase, a database refactoring manager (www.liquibase.org).  I am looking to start making IDE plug-in front-ends to it and am thinking of starting with a SQuirreL plugin.  I've gotten a good start on it already and am impressed with how easy it is to develop and integrate. 
My question is if you would be interested in having me contribute it directly to SQuirreL, or if I should keep it independent?  I see you already have a refactoring plugin, but it appears to be just partially done (version 0.2 if I remember right) but I don't know what future ideas you have for that plug-in. 
I'd be fine keeping it independent, but thought I would offer it as a way to improve the existing refactoring plugin, or as a different refactoring option bundled with SQuirreL