Hello all,

Please pardon this intrusion, as I have no idea what's supposed to happen when I hit "send".  Hopefully someone will receive it and respond.

I have installed the 3.4 software on Windows XP running in a virtual machine on a Win7 x64 machine.  Seems to run fine except I can't seem to figure out how to install a driver.  The only JDBC driver that is installed (by default) is the ODBC bridge. 

I'm running Java 7. 13, which shows up as Java 1.7 (I think), then I downloaded the Microsoft JDBC 4 driver for SQL Server, which doesn't actually install, it just unzips into a folder.

There's no documentation or information on what to do next.  Whatever I've tried leads to repeaded class no found error messages.  Is there any hope for getting this to work as a sever novice?  I've tried looking at a number of messages on the users list, but it seems expert knowledge is required to even understand the lingo.

If anyone can advise as to how to set this program up so it works, I would appreciate a response.

Thank you,