I hope this is a good place to ask a question.
I found squirrel-sql as a good UI for MS SQL on BSD. I have my MS SQL driver set up and i can connect to the DB, Great!
My problem is with being able to edit objects.
I would like to be able to edit stored procedures, views, etc, basically, script them to a text window, so i can modify them and the execute them. Basically the functionality you would see with MS SQL Management studio. Anyone have an idea on how to do this? I would suspect im not going about it right, in that i would think this functionality is there, im just over looking it.
thanks for anyones help, and if this isnt the right place to ask, the right direction would be nice ...
Also.. Anyone have a problem with text gettings garbled? like list box options over lapping each other? (JAVA bug?)
Thanks once again!