I don't know if they make the JDBC driver available as a stand-alone download. It would make sense... but I haven't heard of it.
I know they make it available at no cost as part of DB2 Express or DB2 Express-C. So in the worst case you should be able to install DB2 Express-C, copy the JDBC jar file, and then remove DB2.

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Hi Matthew, Rob,

Thanks for the info.  Yes, I’ve heard the type 4 drivers are better (thin clients).  Now I need to find out how to get one.  It looks like there is a license involved?


I only have an Oracle Hyperion/BRIO query tool at this time to access DB2.  I  really just want a simple interface that I can run Sql in like Squirrel.


I am looking on the IBM website right now looking for one, let me know if you have any more info on this or how I can get one.  Are there any available as public domain?


Thanks again,



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While we're on the subject of DB2 drivers, I'll add couple of comments.


In addtion to "The APP driver" that Vivian initially mentioned, there is also "The NET driver" (occasionally known as "The COM driver") Here are some details:

driver: COM.ibm.db2.jdbc.net.DB2Driver
url: jdbc:db2://<server hostname or IP address>:<DB2 JDBC Applet Server port number>/<dbalias>
delivered in: db2java.zip (same file as the APP driver)

And of course there is "The Universal driver" that Rob mentioned. I agree with him that the Universal driver is preferred in nearly all cases. It's just easier. He lists the jar file and class below. A sample url is like this:

jdbc:db2://<server hostname or IP address>:<DB2 UDB Instance port number>/<dbalias>


One more interesting (confusing?) detail is that the Universal driver can also be a Type-2 driver. You use the same class, but with a different url: jdbc:db2:<dbname>


Unless you really have some reason to do otherwise... just use the Type-4 Universal driver.





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On Thu, Jun 26, 2008 at 2:52 PM, Kreig, Vivian <Vivian.Kreig@staples.com> wrote:

 Hi Bob,

I know you usually monitor these Squirrel questions, I asked a similar one before, and didn't get a response. 

Do you know if this driver should work?

 I typically use the type-4 (pure-java; no native code) because it is easier to use and the same on all platforms.
The driver jar files that ship with DB2 Express Edition on my server are :


I don't usually copy them or extract them anywhere.  I just add their location in the "Extra Classpath" tab of the driver definition window.

The driver class if you use these jars is then: