Hi All (esp Colin),
I use Oracle databases at work. I have had difficulty in the past with squirrel because it doesnt allow me to have multiple SQL worksheets without creating new connections. I find the interface cumbersome that i need to re-login just to have another sql worksheet.
In the true spirit of open source i have started to modifying the squirrel source code so that i can have SQL Worksheets that are independant of the session. So far i have created a SessionManager class (and more!) that will be able to track sessions being added, removed etc. I have a combo box on the toolbar that tracks the current sessions as well as the current "active" session.
I am almost at the stage where i have created a Action that can create multiple SQL worksheets (detached from the Object tree) against the current "active" session.
My plans are to completely seperate the "object" view from the sql worksheets. Unfortunately without realizing i have been making my changes against the squirrel 1.1 source ;-( (so my patch wil be delayed).
Dont take this the wrong way, but am i wasting my time by trying to do this? It seems that i am doing things against the current concepts in squirrel so if i supply a patch will it get applied? Is anyone else interested in this kind of ideas? (this is pretty how TOra or Toad do things)
I haven't got this far but I plan to add additional functionality to the SQL worksheet so that when the Oracle plug-in is used "Explain Plans" (instead of results) can be generated. I don't know if this has already been done. Different database plugins could add their own performance information.
Anyhow just let me know if I am heading down the right track.