Hi Martin,


I just run the install jar and everything is sweet. The only thing to look out for is the version number in the name of the ‘program files’ directory. The install jar is set to create a new one for each Squirrel version. I just remove the version number from the name so that each version goes into the same folder overwriting the last. Work for me!


Win7-64 likes to put configuration files under individual user profiles. Squirrel SQL looks like it uses %USERPROFILE%\.squirrel-sql to hold all its settings, so overwriting the program files shouldn’t affect this.


HTH, Paul


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I am getting ready to upgrade an existing SQL Squirrel 3.4.0 installation on 64-bit Windows 7 to the most current release of SQL Squirrel; are there any instructions I should follow to preserve driver settings, aliases, etc?







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