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2991709 (Quotes missing in squirrel-sql.bat): rather than do as suggested in the bug report, we remove the reference to the CLASSPATH entirely. If we were to keep it, then to properly quote it, we would need to split it into a path list (on ';'), iterate over each path element in the list and test them for spaces and then for quotes if spaces are found. This seems like too much work to do in Windows batch language, so just remove the reference to CLASSPATH for now. Also, cleaned up "alternate" invocations at the bottom of the script which in some cases were not up to date, and in others confusing to users.

2981691 (Installer does not make sure a JRE is available (Windows 7)): We now prefer the JRE that was used to launcher the IzPack installer, and if that is not available, we choose whatever javaw happens to be in the PATH. Using JAVA_HOME is now difficult since the installer wants to replace %JAVA_HOME with it's JRE path; and so referencing %JAVA_HOME% in the script is bad because it get's partially replaced during the installation filtering. That isn't a terrible loss given that in some cases people have complained about this being set (for whatever reason) to an older or incompatible version of Java.

Robert Manning Robert Manning 2010-04-24

changed sql12/app/cmd/squirrel-sql.bat
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