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When someone uses the SquirrelSql client heavily,
notices the lack of shortcut keys.
For example changing from session to session with one
keystroke. Travels through result tabs by keys and so
This problem exists allthough Collin, made an excellent
job in this field. and at least every menu command can
have its own accelerator key.
I am suggesting the creation of a Registry for
accelerators and a Dialog which will display every
command can have accelerator. That way, user can
define its own shortcut keys, bypassing the defaults
from plugins.
If you agree with that, i think that i can design and
implement something for the Registry mechanism, but
unfortunatelly i am feeling very uncomfortable with the
GUI design, and i will need some help.


  • Colin Bell

    Colin Bell - 2003-05-11

    Logged In: YES

    Glen Griffin was going to take a look at this but I don't
    think he has got around to it yet. You might have a word
    with him https://sourceforge.net/sendmessage.php?touser=584843

  • Colin Bell

    Colin Bell - 2003-05-11
    • labels: --> Core
  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Logged In: NO

    I agree that the lack of keyboard-only navigation is pain; I
    hate having to reach for the mouse when doing text-based
    tasks like DB work. A way to view and edit keyboard
    shortcuts would be much appreciated.

    In the meantime, one very simple addition would be to ensure
    that actions which do have keyboard shortcuts display the
    shortcut on the tooltip. I had to hunt in the help files to
    discover that ctrl-Enter does the same thing as pressing the
    run button. Displaying the shortcut on the tooltip allows
    users to get proficient with the application much quicker.


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