#476 Vertical record view


I have some tables with 200 columns. It would be nice to double click on a record and see it in a vertical view like

Column name Value
------------ ----------
NAME Marcin

The table could even provide sorting on column name and filtering on the value and column name.
That would be a really nice feature in that really nice product :)


  • sfst

    sfst - 2013-07-10

    I agree that sometimes transposing would be useful, but given the limited developer time I would give it a very low priority. Maybe if you could describe why you requested this the developers could see more value adding it.

    "[..] to double click on a record" is not clear to me, I guess adding a "Transpose output" to the right click menu would be the proper way invoking that functionality.

    I understand the MetaData and Overview/Charts should just stay as they are, because I cannot imagine how transposing them too would make any sense.

    BTW: If you have only one row as result the Overview/Charts tab will already show what you requested (sans the filter).

    I am a bit puzzled about the filtering you mention, so you want to show only certain columns (now shown as rows)? Then I suggest in the SQL command you only select the columns you are interested in (and maybe no longer need to transpose?). Why bloating this "really nice product" by duplicating spreadsheet functionality? (Clarification: I totally agree with the "really nice product")

    I wonder if you requested this to search in the column names. I often go into the MetaData and sort the "getColumnName" column. Maybe what you need is that the "Find in this tab's result" should also work in the MetaData table? It would be more generic and hopefully easier to implement than transposing tables.

  • wolfgang

    wolfgang - 2013-12-05

    Would like this feature too. Filter not needed for me here.

    Reason would be to easy copy & paste a specific row into an email for explanation purposes.

  • Duane Redfern

    Duane Redfern - 2014-03-20

    I agree, this would be a nice feature... I have been hoping it would be an enhancement for quite some time. Often I'll be validating rows from a table and it would be nice to see the row by itself similar to "Overview/Charts". Right now I have to modify my select statement to get a single record so the overview is easily readable.


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