sfst - 2013-03-27

In v. 3.4.0 you can select the SQL command from the Info tab (which is really practical for me).

Being able to copy all text from the info tab might indeed be practical too, so maybe the unused right-click in that tab could offer a menu with "Copy SQL command" and "Copy whole Info tab"?

But IMHO being able to edit the query in place and rerun it would just add bloat. Large commands would be totally impractical for editing with that condensed displaying (the condensed displaying makes perfect sense in that Info tab).

Editing the command after the rowcount would be even worse, as it is just a single line.

I wonder if you want that feature for quick checking of values without result tab proliferation? You could either use
(a) "Toggle sticky" (right click the result tab or Ctrl-Shift-Y)
(b) Ctrl-N to open a new window, which will later close without fuzz all tabs and commands you typed in that new window without bothering to ask if you want to save anything (I understand this is a feature, not a bug)