#462 Create Data script to File


If the DB has million of rows, generating script to Editor will break it due to not enough memory. Anyway, there is no editor which can hold million rows. It is nice to have an options of generate the script to file

Many thanks.


  • Gerd Wagner

    Gerd Wagner - 2012-11-08

    This should be relatively easy to do by adding a new radio button "Export insert/values statements" to our "Store result of SQL to file" dialog. The "Store result of SQL to file" functions should already be able to write millions of rows in CSV format. Writing insert/value format instead should be easy to implement with the help of our regular scripting functions.

    Just in case somenone wants to do donate a patch. ;-)

  • Simone Giacomelli

    We just get into this issue; It would be great to have a feature like Gerd suggested.


  • rknechte

    rknechte - 2016-07-15

    I am running into this issue now. I have tables with 5,000,000+ records I needt to generate for.


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