#40 Single entry view



there should be a single entry view that shows all the
fields in one entry like:
Name: John Doe
Age: 27

The Project MySQLGraphic here on soruceforge has this
view (but very little else) - what about if you two go
together and the MySQLGraphic code is developed into a
plugin for Squirrel SQL?


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    I'm agree

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I second this. I currently have a table with more than 30
    columns and it is really hard to view the entries. A single
    row view as described with the would be great. This would
    also give the ability to reserve more space for large
    columns (CLOBS, BLOBS et al.). Arrows or a scrollbar would
    allow to view different table rows.

    Alternatively, a transposed view (rows and columns
    exchanged) with the first column fixed (i.e. column names)
    could be implemented.

    Thanks, by the way, for that great tool.


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