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We have a very dynamic staging environment for our warehouse which can have a ridiculous amount of schemas which change all the time.

I found that when I tried to filter them out, the file that contains my connection info would go up to 40 megs because it would basically show every schema that it found when it went to the database.

If I delete the schema from the list, it doesn't load it, but I Tried doing that to remove the thousands of schemas that it pulled down but I keep breaking the file. If I leave it alone, the 40 meg file becomes too slow to parse and it takes 5+ minutes to close Squirrel on a decent speed laptop.

My request is to make it so I can input which schemas I want to display rather than picking thru a list of everything on the database. That way it would only put information regarding the schemas I want in the connection file and the file won't become gigantic. It also makes it so I don't have to pick and choose thru a list of thousands of dynamic schemas to decide which should be shown and which shouldn't.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I second that. A default option seem to be missing. When new schemas appear they will get loaded by default which makes the startup very slow.

  • Joseph Ercole

    Joseph Ercole - 2010-06-21
    • assigned_to: manningr --> nobody

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