#200 keyboard shortcut to switch windows

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Joel Fouse

It would be handy to have a keyboard shortcut to switch
between open windows, like Ctrl-Tab, rather than having
to use the menu to select a different window every time.

Sometimes I'm developing a function or stored
procedure, and I like to be working on that in one
window but have another SQL Worksheet window open
(Ctrl-N) for general scratch space and whatnot, and it
would be very useful to be able to quickly switch back
and forth between the two.. I'm quite used to using
Ctrl-Tab to shift between multiple documents within one
application (like tabs in Firefox), so in my mind that
would make the most sense to use here as well.


  • Joel Fouse

    Joel Fouse - 2006-08-23

    Logged In: YES

    Nevermind; it already does this. It's just switching
    between a few more things, so I didn't notice at first.
    Good job!

  • Joel Fouse

    Joel Fouse - 2006-08-23
    • status: open --> closed

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