#18 Show as text data


Would it be possible to make a format of query result
to be as table or text view?

Table view is what it seems to do atm.

Text view would display rows+columns as a text, with
space-padded columns. Columns are padded to a length
of column's precision. Similar feature is in
MSSQLServer's Query Analyzer.

At work, I usually use QA in text-mode. Don't ask me
why I prefer it more over a table view :-)

Example below:


Col1 Col2 Col3 Col4
----- ---- ---- ----
ID001 AB ABC 1.20
ID002 ABC AAA 2.30
ID003 ABCD BBBB 4.40



  • Colin Bell

    Colin Bell - 2002-04-22
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    • status: open --> closed
  • Colin Bell

    Colin Bell - 2002-04-22

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    This is already in SQuirreL 1.0. You can set the defaults
    for new sessions in the Output tab in the Global Preferences
    dialog and the settings for the current session are in the
    Output tab in the Session Properties dialog. In SQuirreL
    1.1beta the New Session preferences have been moved to the
    New Session Preferences dialog. Currently in 1.1beta the
    text display is broken but it will be coming back.



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