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Well, I am new here, but I have some appreciation of the
problem. As much as I try to have an open mind, especially
early in a discussion, lately I have been voting for simplicity
where it is sufficient. Modular, portable tools are so much
more useful and in the end, user friendly. You just have one
setup to remember for all the applications using the tool.

Putty does this tunneling very nicely for free, as I remember,
and you can ssh directly using a script if you set up ssh2
trusted (but maybe I was under cygwin on that contract and
PC). Since the ssh2 setup is a bit busy in data and logistics
(creating directories, keys, moving the key and control files to
the host and dir, etc.), it would have a pretty big impact on
any tool that tried to include it as easy to use. Depending on
the target, available methods for moving the files might vary a
lot. Would we assume the key files needed are on the target
host, and if ssh2 is not set up, how do we get to it to get the

I suppose you may be just asking for the bare ssh2 tunnel
function, and not the setup, but this might frustrate a lot of
users who see and try to use the feature but are not savvy
about setting ssh2 up. It might impact the documentation
with a lot of complex setup advice.