#103 SQL Tab: Tabs for queries, not results

Eric Everman

Currently on the SQL tab there is a single query text box and a set
of tabs for past results.

Often I find that I am not interested in past results if I am just
running a set of simple queries - it would be OK to just over-write
previous results. The times that I am interested in previous
results, I'm also interested in the SQL text used to create them,
which I can't view concurrently with the results.

So, I propose that tabbed results be removed. Instead, provide
tabbed queries in which each tab would contain the SQL text and
the (single) result. Visually, this would be equivalent to moving
the results tab to a spot below the "Options / SQL" tab and above
the combo box.

Additionally, I propose that buttons be added next to the SQL text
box for "Copy to new Query" and "Create new empty Query".

To the user, it would work as such:
Switch to the SQL tab and there is an empty query tab already
created. Type in an SQL statement and run it, the results display
below. Type in another statement and run it, the results overwrite
the previous values. Click 'Copy to New Query' button and the
current SQL text is copied to another tab.

As an additional bonus, this would allow the user to flip back thru
previous queries and copy/paste chunks out of them to help
construct a new queries - something that is quite difficult now.

Eric Everman


  • cngray

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    I agree that this would be very nice, I often have several files that I need to bounce between running little snippets of SQL from.

  • Rob Manning
    Rob Manning

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    Can you not see the original query in the "Info" tab when you select a Result Tab to look at the previous query results?


  • Eric Everman
    Eric Everman

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    maningr: Sure, I can see the query there on the Info tab, but that is not really the same. I want to watch the progress and manage multiple queries at once: The current applicationI supports this by allowing you to create another connection window, but using MDI for this is a bit like multiple browser windows - we all discovered that tabs made much more sense.

    And frankly, I don't see the purpose of having tabed results for the SQL window - when you have multiple result tabs at the bottom, only one of them is related to the currently displayed query at the top: Isn't that kind of confusing?

  • cngray

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    Ah, I just found the "new SQL worksheet" option. Basically that is all we are asking for, except as a tab instead of a new window. I like to be goofing around with queries in one tab / window while formulating a final script in another window. The Worksheet is OK but a tab would be nicer. Hope this clarifies :) Thanks!

  • John Hardin
    John Hardin

    Don't toss tabbed results by default. Make it a configurable per-worksheet option if you must implement it.

    What if you want to run the same parametrized query multiple times with different parameters and compare the results? You can't do that if the same output tab is reused. What if you want to run the same query and compare the results over time? You can't do that if the same output tab is reused.