Johnathan James - 2013-01-09

This is actually a feature request.. The author would like a way of keeping the state of a SQL result table, specifically for any SQL result table accessible under the Objects tab of a given session. So, for any node under Objects, in the resulting tables that appear on the right side (Info, Content, Primary Key, etc), if the user were to set the sort on a column (for instance), that same sort should be set, for that node, each time the table is redrawn.

To add more detail, assume there are two nodes in the Objects browser. Both display the same set of metadata tabs (Info, Content, Primary Key, etc). Assume the user were to choose the first node, and then in the associated "Info" tab, they sorted (descending) on the "Value" column. Assume as well, the user then chose the second node, and in the associated "Info" tab, they sorted (ascending) on the "Property Name" column. When the user then returned to the first node, and its associated "Info" tab, the sort should still be descending on the "Value" column.

I believe that is what the author means.

I only add this comment for clarity, not to indicate I have begun working on this :)