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My problem is as I often use CTRL-C and CTRL-V to copy strings in SQuirreL I often get a halt for few seconds and a "Database object xyz cannot be found" ("Das Datenbankobject xyz konnte nicht im Objektbaum gefunden werden") as this Item was a ID key or something else and not a Table / View etc.

Same belongs to CTRL-B as this is predefined for finding Objects.
How can I disable / change this behavior? I dont want to open Opjects in Tree with CTRL-Click or CTRL-B!

Workarround: This only Happens if you are in the Database Connection itslef. If you open a seperate DB-Edit-Window this wont happen as there is no Databasebrowser available...



  • Stefan Willinger

    Hello Claus,
    In general, I think that this is a useful feature for DB-Objects. Nevertheless, the most text of a SQL statement is undetectable in the object browser.
    As far as I see, we have 3 ways to locate a text of the SQL panel in the object browser. The context menue, CTRL-Click and CTRL-B. (CTRL-Click should simulate the behavior of a IDE :-)

    In my opinion, we could make it configurable within Session-Properties => SQL => SQL Entry Area if CTRL-Click should be used for this action.

    Any other suggestions?

  • Claus

    Claus - 2011-05-17

    It is a good Idea to change this behavior on Session Properties. For example:

    "Usability - Find Objects in Databasebrowser:
    by (Drop-Down: CTRL / CTRL+ALT / CTRL+SHIFT / CTRL+SHIFT+ALT) and Key (if key is blank not available)
    by (Drop-Down: CTRL / CTRL+ALT / CTRL+SHIFT / CTRL+SHIFT+ALT) and "Left" Mouse (Right if it would be a left hand Mouse) so maybe Primary Mouse Key?

    Or something similar :-)

  • Stefan Willinger

    Hi Claus,
    after a while, I have implemented a simple improvement.
    In the past, CTRL-Click didn't differ between a singe or a double click. Now the search in the object tree will only be triggered by CTRL and a single click - and of course with CTRL-B

    I hope, this will will be helpfull for you - even the key binding is not configurable.

  • Claus

    Claus - 2011-10-11

    Single-Click : Thanks!
    CTRL-B: Plz Disable!

    Why coudn't this be configured by a Option in Program? or a XML-Config pattern?

  • Christoph Brill

    Christoph Brill - 2012-07-06

    This behaviour basically renders SquirrelSQL useless when used over VPN on Linux. For some reason a "CTRL+Click" is detected by Java even when I didn't do one (same for Eclipse or any other Java program). This causes SquirrelSQL to hang (due to the slow VPN) for about 2 minutes.

    The feature is a good idea, but having the false "CTRL+Clicks" that I didn't so is really annoying. I had to "xkill" SquirrelSQL fot the tenth time within 30 minutes.

  • James Pettyjohn

    James Pettyjohn - 2013-04-12

    I constantly run into this same issue, but you two mention 30 second or two minute lag - are usually hours long. That is I open another instance leave it hung in the background hoping I can salvage what I was working on. Rarely it's seconds, occasionally it's 15 minutes - I have seen it stop after a month to come back to life.

    If it is really scanning the object tree maybe someone can point me in the direction of the code that does it - given the severity (and there being no better SQL tool out there!) I would like to give a bash at improving on the search method.

  • jamiepryer

    jamiepryer - 2013-04-19

    hi, i too get this issue and its a REAL pain
    there should be a way to disable "ctrl+b" if you dont use that feature!

  • awd

    awd - 2013-09-19

    Addressing this gets a +1 from me - I frequently ctrl-c and ctrl-v text between Eclipse and Sqirrel and this happens all the time. It's a total pain in the a___ in an otherwise cool IDE.

  • antoine clement

    antoine clement - 2014-02-13

    Same issue here !
    And here too it is not seconds nor minutes but 1 hour during witch squirrel hangs.

    Please consider solving this issue.
    Because this bug is causing us to have to kill the client not to waste time, and we loose our current work each time.

    Thank you

    Last edit: antoine clement 2014-02-13
  • awd

    awd - 2014-06-26

    This has now escalated to the point of officially Getting On My Tits on an almost hourly basis.

    If you're not going to fix it, just bloody well say so.

  • Gerd Wagner

    Gerd Wagner - 2014-06-29

    Has been fixed in our Git repository as well as in snapshot 20140629_2243 and in future versions and snapshots.

    Cited from change.log:
    Check boxes to enable / disable navigation from the SQL editor to the object tree by Ctrl+B and Ctrl + Mouse click.
    See Menu File --> New Session Properties --> Tab SQL --> Section Jump to object tree

    Thanks to everybody who was annoyed by this behavior but stayed with SQuirreL. In case one or the other of you is familiar with Java next time you may consider to have a look at the code, fix it and drop the patch here:

  • Gerd Wagner

    Gerd Wagner - 2014-06-29
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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