Andy Stevens - 2011-03-29

Using the jTds driver instead of Microsoft's, the Create Table Script options runs without producing an exception. However, the columns in the generated script are defined as "text" data type rather than nvarchar even though on the Columns tab of the Objects view the TYPE_NAME shows nvarchar.
Interestingly, with the MS driver the TYPE_NAME says "ntext". I also notice the DATA_TYPE value differs (2005 for jTds, -16 for MSJDBC) though I'm guessing this is driver-specific as the SQL_DATA_TYPE is the same in each case (-10).
When I SELECT from the table, the situation in the resultset metadata seems to be the other way round - with jTds getColumnTypeName shows ntext while with MSJDBC it shows nvarchar, even though they keep the same getColumnType values (2005 & -16 respectively).