#968 impossible to create a foreign key in oracle 10g

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when i tried to create a new foreign key in a table, i get the following error

Error: ORA-01424: missing or illegal character following the escape character

SQLState: 22025
ErrorCode: 1424
Position: 0


  • Stefan Willinger

    The oracle database driver could not handle some names of recycle bin objects correctly. e.g. BIN$nPl/2NHWRNXgQKjAQgFYEQ==$0. Pls, look at the object tree, if you see BIN$ Objects containing a / (this is the problem). If you try to list the columns of these objects, you will see some errors.

    If you have loaded the Oracle-Plugin, you can remove the recycle bin tables from the object tree. Unfortunately this will not solve the problem.

    I dint see a workaround for the moment.

  • Stefan Willinger

    Fixed in Subversion. The change will be available in the next snapshot and/or stable release.

  • Stefan Willinger

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