#879 update doesn't work with Windows 2k


Under Win2k, there's a limit for the path environment variable. So squirrel-sql.bat , when finding a changeList.xml and trying to call addpath.bat with the core libraries, croaks with "The input line is too long". I used to work around that by renaming update to up and download to dwn, and adapting the squirrel-sql.bat accordingly.
But since 3.1 that doesn't work anymore, Squirrel seems to save these paths somewhere else. I again found a workaround: Go about like above, but copy the update and download directories, so there are the short versions *and* the long ones. Delete the short one afterwards, if you like.
That's some hassle all in all.
Maybe it could be avoided to add *all* files in update\downloads\core to the environment but only required ones?


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