#872 Sybase, Create Table script omits "NULL" column default

Dave Bell

Could not find any recent reports on this issue, but there is a close one from 2007 that looks similar, thought it's hard to say if it's the same bug

"Create Table Script does not include column defaults - ID: 1815667"

I'm using SQuirrel SQL ver. 3.1.1 on Windows XP, SUN JRE 1.6; the session is set up against Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere, I have a sybase client installed.

When generating "Create Table" script the columns which have NULLS flag set to 0 in the database are exported correctly with "NOT NULL" qualifier.
However the columns which have that flag set to 1 do not have the "NULL" qualifier set.
The problem is that Syabase defaults omitted NULL qualifier to 0
Thus running the generated script to recreate the table marks all columns as "NOT NULL"


CREATE TABLE bob ( foo varchar(20) NOT NULL )
is equivalient to
CREATE TABLE bob ( foo varchar(20) )


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