#801 Unrecognized option: --user-settings-dir

Core (462)

The following error occurred with Squirrel SQL version 2.3 rc2 as well as with version Snapshot-20090926_1413.
The About->System tab reports:
java.runtime.version 1.6.0_17-b04-237-9M3113
os.arch x86_64
os.name Mac OS X
os.version 10.5.8

As long as i launch it without the "--user-settings-dir" everithing works fine. But when i add this parameter at the end of the parameter list, then it shows me this error.
Parsing failed. Reason: Unrecognized option: --user-settings-dir "/Volumes/Daten/_APPLICATIONS/Database/Sqirrel_SQL_Dev/settings"
usage: squirrel-sql
-userdir,--user-settings-dir <userdir> User settings directory
-l,--log-config-file <l> Logging configuration file
-home,--squirrel-home <home> SQuirreL home directory
-n,--native-laf Use native look and feel
-nop,--no-plugins Don't load plugins
-nos,--no-splash Don't display splash screen
-m,--use-default-metal-theme Use default metal theme
-uidebug,--user-interface-debugging Provides tool-tips and
highlighting of UI components for easy identification
-h,--help Display Help and exit

Its confusing, first it tells "Unrecognized option" and then it describs it? On a windows system this option is working without problems. Only with on my MacOSX it is not working. (On windows i used the same version / same files)


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