#636 aliases file lost

Core (461)

5406 [main] ERROR net.sourceforge.squirrel_sql.client.gui.db.DataCache - Error loading aliases file: {0}.
at net.sourceforge.squirrel_sql.fw.xml.XMLBeanReader.load(XMLBeanReader.java:138)
at net.sourceforge.squirrel_sql.fw.xml.XMLBeanReader.load(XMLBeanReader.java:111)
at net.sourceforge.squirrel_sql.fw.xml.XMLObjectCache.load(XMLObjectCache.java:192)
at net.sourceforge.squirrel_sql.fw.xml.XMLObjectCache.load(XMLObjectCache.java:169)
at net.sourceforge.squirrel_sql.client.gui.db.DataCache.loadAliases(DataCache.java:542)
at net.sourceforge.squirrel_sql.client.gui.db.DataCache.<init>(DataCache.java:120)
at net.sourceforge.squirrel_sql.client.Application.executeStartupTasks(Application.java:710)
at net.sourceforge.squirrel_sql.client.Application.startup(Application.java:230)
at net.sourceforge.squirrel_sql.client.Main.main(Main.java:60)

The file in question, stored (in my case) under <HOME>\.squirrel-sql is gone - it has a size of zero bytes.

My email address is michele.rossi@gmail.com


  • Rob Manning

    Rob Manning - 2008-06-04

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    Some offline dialogue with the user follows:

    In the <user.home>/.squirrel-sql/ directory, do you still have both of the files SQLAliases.xml and SQLAliases23.xml ?
    Did you happen to run an older version of SQuirreL after running 2.6.5? Is this problem reproducible?

    There's no SQLAliases.xml in my folder, just SQLAliases23.xml.
    I haven't run any other SQuirreL versions on this machine, just 2.6.5a.
    I wouldn't say that the problem is reproducible.
    It was working fine for 3 months.
    This morning I opened it and found that all my aliases were gone.
    I have more log files - I can send them over to you if you like..

    Thanks for the information. You can send me the squirrel-sql.log file. I'm brainstorming here to find the cause - just a few more questions, if you don't mind:
    Do you use the "Save Preferences" feature at all?
    When you last exited SQuirreL, previous to launching it this morning, was it interrupted, somehow?
    Is the <user.home>/.squirrel-sql/ directory stored on a network drive?

    I might have used the "save preferences" thing once but not recently, as far as I can remember.
    It's possible that SQuirreL was forced to shut down over the weekend when our office machines are forcefully rebooted - I can't confirm that for sure though. Maybe it's something you can work out from the logs. And yes my user home is on a network drive - windows UNC etc - typical corporate setup.

    Observations: I reproduced the same exception on startup by truncating the SQLAliases23.xml file to 0 bytes beforehand. However, I was not able to get the file to become truncated. I tried mounting a shared drive and pointing userdir to the shared drive, then rebooting the server and afterward I quit squirrel. However, the file was in it's original condition. The other thing I tried was rebooting the machine on which SQuirreL was running without quitting it first. On the server machine I noted that the the file contents were preserved.

    At this point, without being able to reproduce the file truncation, I'm not sure how to continue troubleshooting the problem. It would be great if the user could attach the log to this ticket and if a reproducible set of steps can be given.


  • Rob Manning

    Rob Manning - 2008-06-04
    • assigned_to: colbell --> manningr
  • Rob Manning

    Rob Manning - 2008-06-04

    user-submitted log files

  • Rob Manning

    Rob Manning - 2008-06-04

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: NO

    File Added: logs.zip


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