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After using squirrel for migrating a DB from Oracle to Postgres the startup time is now about 20minutes on a P4/3.0GHZ System with 2Gbyte of Ram. Because of the long startup times i tried to reinstall it, but with no effects. I installed it on another maschine (same specs), and after some time the same effect took place. The startup process is very slow. I searched for files which maybe have gotten big during the migration task and didn´t found anything.
I also tried tuning the xm* parameters inside the startup batch file, and also no effects.


  • Rodolfo Leyes

    Rodolfo Leyes - 2008-06-26

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    I have noticed something strange about a very slow startup, I have installed squirrelsql on a Solaris10 and works just fine when I run the .sh script on my console in the directory where the script is by executing ./squirrel-sql.sh, but when I switch to another directory lets say / then if I issue the command using the absolute Path! /opt/tools/squirrel_sql_client/squirrel-sql.sh the startup time takes at least 5 or 6 times longer!

  • Rob Manning

    Rob Manning - 2008-11-27

    I've noticed when the user's home directory is on a mapped network drive, that startup and shutdown performance can be great affected.



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