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I've noticed some very poor performance in Squirrel. (In fact, "noticed" is an understatement. I've tried everything I could think of, and I've never seen any other Java application perform this poorly.) I've looked through the forums and FAQ's and even Google'd for this, and I can't find anyone else complaining about it. In almost every scenario I've tested it in, it has performed very slowly. The only times it has been reasonably fast is when using a small hypersonic db (<10 tables) locally on my laptop (which is a decently fast laptop).

1. A simple paste operation into an editor usually takes 2-3 minutes (sometimes a lot longer).
2. SQL Query Execution usually takes minutes for a single query. Sometimes it could take 10-15 minutes. (And no, I'm not sure why I persist in using Squirrel under those circumstances.)
3. Restoring the window from the Windows taskbar yields a gray window for a minute or two before it gets around to rendering the application.
4. Many other extremely simple operations have unacceptable delays.

In ALL of the above examples, CPU usage is almost unaffected by the long wait. It just sits idle for minutes (literally) before completing simple operations.

Environment Tested In:
* DB Server: DB2 (v.8.2, I think)
* Network Connection: Excellent connection at 100Mbps, same network as the server. I know the communication with the server is fine b/c my web apps perform just fine on JBoss connected to the db.
* 3 Different Computers, all WinXp, all performed slowly with Squirrel.
* Squirrel Versions Tested: 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.5.1
* Java Versions Tested: JDK 5.0, JDK 6.0

* It's slow with or without lots of plugins. I typically run with as few as possible.
* I do use the db2 plugin in Squirrel 2.5 ... still slow.

Has anyone else out there experienced this?


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  • Bron Eubanks

    Bron Eubanks - 2009-01-09

    For me the problem seemed mostly resolved in the 2.6.x versions, but copy-paste is sometimes [inconsistently] extremely slow in a 3.0 early build (20090107). Is 3.0 still using the same version of the Netbeans editor? Netbeans seems to be the primary problem.

  • Bron Eubanks

    Bron Eubanks - 2009-10-16

    Confirming that problem still occurs in version 3.0.2. I still think Squirrel + DB2 = slow. Even still, since other people with DB2 are not getting this, maybe the DB2 side of the problem is specific to my DB2 configuration.

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