#172 MySQL Drivers not loading.

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MySQL Drivers not loading.

I have the mysql connect archive in the ext directory of
my JFK. That directory is also listed on the classpath
for the MySQL driver.

Whilst I can load other applicaions in JBuilder and access
mysql the driver shows as not loaded within squirrel.


  • Colin Bell

    Colin Bell - 2003-12-11

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    You need to specify the jar file in the classpath for the
    MySQL driver, not the directory that contains the jar file.

    For the jre ext directory this works for me. Make sure that
    you have placed the jar file in the jre/lib/ext directory of
    the actual JDK you are using. If you have multiple JDKs or
    JREs installed this can get confusing. To be certain where
    you should place the jar display the SQuirreL About Box
    (Help/About) click on the System tab and look for a key of
    java.ext.dirs. The associated value in the table will tell
    you the directory you should place the jar file in.

  • Colin Bell

    Colin Bell - 2003-12-11
    • status: open --> closed-works-for-me
  • brian harkness

    brian harkness - 2004-01-09

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    are you referring to the driver itself? or to the jar file shipped
    with Squirrel.

    The mySQL JDBC drivers IS available to other applications
    despite Squirrel not recodnising it, is the requirement that the
    jar file be included a particular requirement of Squirrel?


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