#1136 Wrong Version for 3.5.1 on OSX

Squirrel SQL

If i download the actual version of Squirrel for OSX (3.5.1) i get update-messages all the time because the internal version is still set to "Snapshot-20140126_2001".
Updater says: "Current Version: 3.5.0"

So, if i press update on my 3.5.1-version, i DOWNGRADE my 3.5.1 to 3.5.0.

The releaseXML provides "3.5.0" as most recent version.


  • Gerd Wagner

    Gerd Wagner - 2014-03-08
    • status: open --> pending
  • Gerd Wagner

    Gerd Wagner - 2014-03-08

    The problem should be gone in the newest snapshot 20140308_2120. But since I don't have a Mac to test it would be kind if you could have a look at it. Thanks.

    For now I set this bug to pending.

  • h00ligan

    h00ligan - 2014-03-10

    actually, there is no more update button?!

    and another bug, that came with the latest java-update (on OSX):
    the app-title switched from "SquirrelSQL" to "Main"
    when i start the app, its minimized to the smallest size and moves to the bottom left side of the screen.


  • LordFarquaad

    LordFarquaad - 2014-03-10

    I think the problem is that the stable release.xml (http://sourceforge.net:80/projects/squirrel-sql/files/updates/stable/release.xml) still references version 3.5.0, which prevents to upgrade on any platform, and might even cause a downgrade for user who manually installed release 3.5.1.

    Also, releases 3.5.0 and 3.5.1 are missing in the available versions for the bug reports.

  • Gerd Wagner

    Gerd Wagner - 2014-03-15

    The update button is missing because we don't support automatic updates for the time being. Please download the latest version from http://www.squirrelsql.org.

    Unfortunately I don't have access to a Mac. Perhaps you could take a look yourself or ask someone with an bit of development background. I'd be very grateful for patches.

    Patches can be posted here:


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