#1102 Can't close Squirrel window


When trying to close Squirrel window, nothing happens, Squirrel window keeps opened.
I'm running Squirrel 3.5.0 against Windows 8 64 bits.

Logs tells :
Exception occured dispatching Event sun.awt.TimedWindowEvent[WINDOW_CLOSING,opposite=null,oldState=0,newState=0] on frame0


  • Seb

    Seb - 2013-10-01

    Seems to be solved in last snapshot.

  • sfst

    sfst - 2014-02-12

    A co-worker had the problem with version 3.5.0 on Window 7 (32 bit) and always lost the additional aliases; as work-around he always hibernated the computer to keep SQuirreL open for several weeks in a row (until a windows update forced a reboot).

    Version 3.5.1 no longer causes him problems.

  • Juan Carlos

    Juan Carlos - 2015-03-10

    The same problem. Windows 7-64 bits. It was working correctly until three days ago. No java updates was installed... I actualized the java to 1.8u40 this morning and have the same issue.

    • Georg Haupt

      Georg Haupt - 2015-04-17

      The same problem. for me this helped:
      -Change to folder C:\Users\username.squirrel-sql
      -remove the 0 KB file: RecentFilesXmlBean.xml (or rename the file for tests)
      -start squirrel
      -Squirrel closes normal

      • Juan Carlos

        Juan Carlos - 2015-04-17

        Wow! It works like a charm... Thank you very much! :-)


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