#1022 Tables are not displayed


After I setup a mysql connection no tables are displayed in object tree. SQL works and 'show tables;' displays all tables in DB.
The used version is 3.2.1 and 3.3.0 (fresh installed). MySQL connector is 5.1.17 and 5.1.18.


  • Eric.sun

    Eric.sun - 2012-02-06

    hi Amra,
    i was use 3.30 and mysql 5.5, tables could be displayed in object tree! could you close your screenshot for me? thanks...

  • Amra

    Amra - 2012-02-06

    Object tree

  • Amra

    Amra - 2012-02-06


  • Amra

    Amra - 2012-02-06

    Check attachments :o)

  • Danilo

    Danilo - 2012-03-22

    This is weird. I just upgraded to latest version (3.3.0) and it stopped working. I connected to the same database using the same configuration file (SQLAlias) that used to work.

  • Danilo

    Danilo - 2012-03-22

    Just made it work.

    I do not know if it was already like this or something changed, but no table is displayed in Alias > Properties > Schemas when you select "Specify Schema loading and caching" and click on "Connect database to refresh Schema table". I guess since this table is empty, you can not leave it on that option or else no table is loaded.

    Solution (workaround?): Select one of "Load all" options.

    Also, just to mention a common mistake, do not forget to select the Catalog in the connection tab after connecting.

  • jeremy_r

    jeremy_r - 2012-04-02

    "Also, just to mention a common mistake, do not forget to select the Catalog
    in the connection tab after connecting."

    I was making this mistake. It seems like a bug to be able to expand the TABLE tree and get nothing, simply because I hadn't selected that Catalog yet in a separate area of the screen.

  • XMitya

    XMitya - 2013-09-15

    I have the same issue with 3.5.0 and MySQL. But with SQLite all ok.

  • macleo

    macleo - 2014-10-24

    faint,I have the same issue with 3.6.0 ,no table in database.
    How can I solved it?

    Last edit: macleo 2014-10-24
  • Callum McKenna

    Callum McKenna - 2016-08-12

    For me this was caused by a change in the MySQL JDBC driver as reported here:

    Adding nullNamePatternMatchesAll=true to the connection URL fixed it, for example


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