#1006 same elapsed time for query and output

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When I run a query in SQL editor, the log window always reports the same duration for SQL execution and building output. It should be different, at least sometimes. So one of them is probably wrrong.

ex: (french)
Requete 1/1: 65 536 lignes lues. Exécution Requète: 0,31s, Formatage du résultat: 0,31s
which corresponds to
Query 1 of 1 elapsed time (seconds) - Total: 65536, SQL query: 0.31, Building output: 0.31

I checked the translation string, it looks OK (in net\sourceforge\squirrel_sql\client\session\mainpanel\I18NStrings_fr.properties):
#SQLResultExecuterPanel.queryStatistics=Query {0} of {1} elapsed time (seconds) - Total: {2}, SQL query: {3}, Building output: {4}
SQLResultExecuterPanel.queryStatistics=Requete {0}/{1}: {2} lignes lues. Exécution Requète: {3}s, Formatage du résultat: {4}s


  • Stefan Willinger

    Fixed in SVN

    Query 1 of 1, Rows read: 7,753, Elapsed time (seconds) - Total: 0.505, SQL query: 0.134, Building output: 0.371

  • Stefan Willinger

    • status: open --> open-fixed
  • Stefan Willinger

    • status: open-fixed --> closed-fixed
  • Stefan Willinger

    Fixed in Subversion. The change will be available in the next snapshot and/or stable release.


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