#30 Read input file/dir names from a file (mksquashfs)


An option to read input files/dirs from a path list file (like the --files-from in tar) would be very nice for writing scripts, preferably along with a "-no-recurse" option. If mksquasfs read the file without seeking, it could also be used with /dev/stdout to pipe the filenames from 'find' and other similar tools.


  • Jarno Elonen

    Jarno Elonen - 2012-07-23
    • summary: Read input file/dir names from a file --> Read input file/dir names from a file (mksquashfs)
  • Ernest Beinrohr

    Ernest Beinrohr - 2013-02-14

    Adding this simple option would allow for incremental backups. We could have a full dump and with find list the files that were modified backup ONLY them. We would have multiple archives but they could be mounted on top of each other with unionFS.

    Please add this

    PS: it should allow stdin too for file names.


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