#17 Better support for symlinks


When building SquashFS images for our target platform we get errors if there are symlinks which cannot be resolved, because on the build host it does not make sense to resolve them. We always have to use a patch like the attached one in order to solve the problem.


  • Phillip Lougher

    Phillip Lougher - 2007-11-30

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    Originator: NO

    Mksquashfs stats the source directories to ensure that they all exist. Otherwise on mistyping one or more source directories, Mksquashfs would invisibly ignore the missing source, leading to missing files in the Squashfs filesystem.

    Changing the stat system call to lstat solves the issue of dangling symbolic links, because lstat checks for existence of the symbolic link, rather than the file pointed to by the symbolic link. This makes Mksquashfs's behaviour with dangling links specified on the command line the same as dangling links in the directories being compressed.

    Thanks for pointing out the bug.

  • Phillip Lougher

    Phillip Lougher - 2007-11-30
    • status: open --> closed

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