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2.6.11 patch

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2005-06-05

    Does 2.1 have any issues with kernel 2.6.11?

    • mirakels

      mirakels - 2005-06-08

      I use it on one of the latest fedora development kernels just fine on my laptop (linux 2.6.11-1.1323_FC4)

    • Antonello

      Antonello - 2005-06-09

      Where can we find it?

    • Phillip Lougher

      Phillip Lougher - 2005-06-15

      > Where can we find it?

      Use the 2.6.9 patch.  This applies and works fine on 2.6.11 (and 2.6.12 BTW).

      I intend to release a new version with updated patches ASAP, it's just a matter of getting time!

      • Antonello

        Antonello - 2005-06-15

        Can u release a patch for Fedore Core; seem different. I don't find inode.c and the other file to edit!!!

    • Phillip Lougher

      Phillip Lougher - 2005-06-28

      Okay - I'm happy to release a patch for Fedora Core.  However, without any info about what is going wrong, I'm a bit stumped as to what to do :-)

      Please could you send me the output of the patch command, so I can see what's happening, and what is failing (if you can't find the files, then patch is obviously failing).

      Please type

      % script

      follow the instructions in the INSTALL file, and then type

      % exit

      this will generate a record of everything you did (and the output) in the file typescript.  If you send me the file I can see what you did and what went wrong.

      I've seen a couple of posts about Fedora Core and so something is wrong somewhere.  If you tell me the Fedora Core version I can probably download their patched kernel, and check this myself.



    • Antonello

      Antonello - 2005-06-29

      Mine is Fedora Core 3!
      Tx a lot!

      But where is the file? ;-)

      I help you with all infos displayed and test needed


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