LZMA compression

Per Wigren
  • Per Wigren

    Per Wigren - 2004-07-21

    How about using LZMA compression for SquashFS v3?
    LZMA is the compression used in 7-zip (http://www.7-zip.org) and compresses really great (even better than RAR and ACE) while being LGPL and having very fast decompression. Not quite as fast as gzip but still very fast compared to bzip2, RAR, ACE and most others.. Compression is slow, but that doesn't matter on a read-only FS..
    The LZMA SDK also contains a small pure ANSI-C implementation of the decompression algorithm.
    The LZMA SDK can be downloaded at http://www.7-zip.org/sdk.html

    Here are some tests I did (decompression was done from a ramdisk):

    test.tar = 198830080 bytes

    # gzip -9c test.tar >test.tar.gz
    test.tar.gz = 44020506 bytes
    real    0m32.161s
    user    0m31.151s
    sys     0m0.301s

    # bzip2 -9c test.tar >test.tar.bz2
    test.tar.bz2 = 35164492 bytes
    real    0m46.667s
    user    0m45.823s
    sys     0m0.290s

    # lzma e test.tar test.tar.lzma
    test.tar.lzma = 29236224 bytes
    real    8m57.717s
    user    8m48.395s
    sys     0m1.102s

    # mksquashfs test.tar test.tar.sqsh
    test.tar.sqsh = 46735360 bytes
    real    0m29.736s
    user    0m28.984s
    sys     0m0.454s

    # gzcat test.tar.gz >/dev/null
    real    0m1.797s
    user    0m1.726s
    sys     0m0.034s

    # bzcat test.tar.bz2 >/dev/null
    real    0m11.445s
    user    0m11.247s
    sys     0m0.070s

    # lzma d test.tar.lzma -so >/dev/null
    real    0m4.897s
    user    0m4.781s
    sys     0m0.051s

    • Nickolai Shaforostoff

      kernel guys say that they dont wanna inlude lzma decompressor in kernel, so even if v3 will be w/ lzma support, it won't be included into _official_ kernel :-(

    • benjamin henrion

      Why not? Do you have more information?

    • Jeff

      Jeff - 2005-09-23

      dam I need to learn how to write kernel modules I have all these wonderful ideas rolling around in my head.

    • mirakels

      mirakels - 2005-10-31

      patches to use squashfs with lzma are readily available. Basically the patches add the lzma decompression code, and change some squashfs initialisation code and the call to uncompress a block. This means only one type of compress method is supported and has to be selected at compile time.

      It would be much nicer if the compression type of a squashfs filesystem could be detected and hence the proper uncompres code can be used. If it is using zlib compression use the kernels internal unomcpress routines, and when it is lzma used the uncompress code inside the squashfs module (as long as lzma is not natively supported by the kernel.)


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