Assertion "number-of-resultsets-equal" is not

  • komal sharma

    komal sharma - 2009-05-19

    i m getting this error on using the above assert?? can any one please help me wat m i missing here is the peace of code i m using:

    <test name="running test 2" assert="number-of-resultsets-equal">
      <call connection-id="1">
        <stmt>{call pcs.pcs_get_pkg.get_prog_prod(?,?,?)}</stmt> 
         <param id="1" name="org_id" type="NUMERIC">10</param>
         <param id="2" name="prod_id" type="NUMERIC">1030</param> 
         <param id="3" name="progprod_cur" type="CURSOR" inout="out">${progprod_cur}</param>   
        <outparam id="3" type="CURSOR">
       <resultset id="1" rowcount="1" ></resultset>    

    • Sujit Pal

      Sujit Pal - 2009-05-28

      Can you specify the error itself? Also if SQLUnit is crashing, a stacktrace may help someone on this list help you.

    • Sujit Pal

      Sujit Pal - 2009-05-28

      I looked at my blogger comments, and you have the error message in there. The assertion string is incorrect, it should be "number-resultsets-equal" not "number-of-resultsets-equal". They are listed in the file

      • komal sharma

        komal sharma - 2009-05-29

        Thanks sujit for your reply.....
        but i think there is a mistake in user guide, there it says number-of-resultsets-equal but i will try with "number-resultsets-equal" thanks again :)..
        i hav checked the user guide they havnt mentioned any thing about asserting out parameter which is cursor, i hav also checked all the examples given in test folder but none is of the type i hav mentioned... :(
        thanks a lot for ur time n valuable inputs :)


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