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SQLTools 1.8 build 38

SQLTools 1.8 build 38 is RELEASE CANDIDATE now.

Posted by Aleksey Kochetov 2016-09-18

SQLTools 1.7 build 53

SQLTools 1.7 build 53 is stable

Posted by Aleksey Kochetov 2015-08-06

SQLTools 1.6

It is the first "official" release of SQLTools 1.6

Posted by Aleksey Kochetov 2011-11-20

SQLTools 1.5 RC1 buld 23 is released.

It is a bug fix release:

- FilePanel restores the last selected tab when application restarts
Bug fixes:
- file custom.keymap is missing
- IOT table has extra PK definition if "No storage for PK,UK" is checked
- Find Object F12 does not recognize an object name if it is sql*plus keyword
- Load DDL Script Ctrl+F12 throws the exception "Invalid object type"
on a synonym that is not longer valid
- "Object Viewer" is incompatible with Oracle 8.0.X (broken in 1.5 build 21/22)
- DDL reengineering returns wrong column size for CHAR types in AL32UTF8 database
- DDL reengineering prints Zero for INITIAL, MINEXTENTS, MAXEXTENTS in 11g database... read more

Posted by Aleksey Kochetov 2011-11-07

Version 1.6 build 4


Version 1.6 build 4 (2011-10-20)
- "Execute Current" is smarter now, you do not need to place the cursor
on the first line of a statement before execution. It finds the beginning
of the the statement based script syntax rules (statements have to be
separated by ';' and '/' for PL/SQL stuff). If you like old TOAD style execution
then it is supported too (check "Execute Current Alt"). The new settings page
allows change default behavior for these 2 commands.... read more

Posted by Aleksey Kochetov 2011-10-21

SQLTools 1.5 RC1 is released.

SQLTools 1.5 RC1 is released.

Posted by Aleksey Kochetov 2011-10-07

SQLTools 1.5 build 10 Beta is released.

SQLTools 1.5 build 10 Beta is released.

It is available for download from www.sqltools.net

Posted by Aleksey Kochetov 2009-05-09

SQLTools 1.5 beta build 9

The project is currently suspended until further notice. Please look at http://www.sqltools.net/ for the latest releases.

Posted by Aleksey Kochetov 2007-10-02

SQLTools stable RC2 1.4.2

Thanks to Benjamin Tellier and Michel Traisnel we have a new help.

Anybody please review it, report mistakes and we go to a final stable release.

Posted by Drzewiecki T. 2006-08-26

SQLTools stable RC1 1.4.2

I've made small changes in default settings. Currently I'm waiting for new help files and eventually for any critical bugs (please inform me if they are!).

It will be a FIRST stable version of SQLTools:)

Posted by Drzewiecki T. 2006-07-30

SQLTools developement release 1.4.1 build 72

Changes mainly in an installer. Thanks to Oswaldo Enriquez and Alexandre Tarquino for translations.

Fixed also some memory associated bugs and improved drag&paste from ObjectViewer (try to drag items with an ALT key).

Posted by Drzewiecki T. 2006-03-07

SQLTools developement release 1.4.1 build 71

I'm proud of our small multilangual installer script. Thanks goes to: Michel Traisnel, Tamas Gati & Manu. Try also to drag&drop a table name from ObjectViewer.

After rewriting the help we want to make finally a stable release.

Posted by Drzewiecki T. 2006-02-28

SQLTools developement release 1.4.1 build 70

This is the first release after a long time and unfortunately my first release.
We've lost the NSIS (installer) script, so exceptionally this version is released as a ZIP archive.


Posted by Drzewiecki T. 2006-01-31

SQLTools developement release 1.4.1 build 66

R#1111224 - OE Enable/disable "smart" home key behavior (tMk).
R#1092510 - OE Drag/Reorder Tab (tMk).
R#1084220 - OE Close Tab on double click (tMk).
R#1081930 - OE Open file under cursor (tMk).
R#unknown - OE New Netscape-like property sheet interface & new tabs (tMk).
R#unknown - OE Highlighting for a dragged workbook tab (tMk).
R#unknown - OE Introduced "IndentGuide" (ak).
R#unknown - OE Added ColourPicket for Font/Color property page (ak).
R#unknown - OE Added auto-scrolling for dragged workbook tabs (ak).... read more

Posted by Drzewiecki T. 2005-04-27

New developement release 1.4.1 Beta build 64

* Bind variables (SQL*Plus syntax for VARCHAR2, NUMBER, CLOB), contributed by Ken Clubok. This feature will be improved soon.

Following bugs have been fixed:
* unhandled exception "invalid string position",
* unnecessary bug report on statement, like this "select * from dual;;",
* an exception on "Find Object", if some name component is null.

Stable release is planned in next 2-3 months.

Posted by Drzewiecki T. 2005-03-23

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