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I'm having a problem with SQLTools 1.4.1 build 63.
When connecting to a different database while
connected, I'm getting kicked out of SQLTools. Also, I
tried disconnecting first and this kicks me out as
well. The following are the steps to duplicate this

1. Start SQLTools.
2. Connect to a database.
3. Execute a query so that the Server Process... pop
will show.
4. Cancel the query.
5. Connect to a different database
(Session=>Connect...) or click on Session=>Disconnect.

I didn't notice this problem in SQLTools 1.4.1 build 583.
I installed SQLTools 1.4.1 build 63 over SQLTools 1.4.1
build 583. if that matters.

System: Windows 2000 Pro SP4
Oracle Database v8.1.7.0

I'm not able to duplicate the problem. I'm on Windows
2000 SP4, and Oracle 9i.
SQLTools User

I cannot reproduce this problem also. Anyway I'll
investigate it.

Please, anyone who has similar environment, test it and
let me know. I guess oracle client release 817 might be
important for this case



  • Drzewiecki T.

    Drzewiecki T. - 2005-04-21

    Logged In: YES

    If I'm working on 8i release it happened to me maybe once in
    a day - I noticed it, but cannot reproduce.
    I remembered only that it was during operations (close tab?)
    after long query (long means - a few seconds to few minutes).

  • Drzewiecki T.

    Drzewiecki T. - 2005-04-27

    Logged In: YES

    >> David
    I have been experiencing this same issue. I am on Oracle After cancelling a query and then trying to log into a
    different database, SQLTools just exits.... no warning, error,
    or anything.
    >> dach
    I got the same problem on win XP and oracle
    I switch many times by connect to many environnements ,
    and i never when it will crash.
    It crash when i try to disconnect or try to re-connect.
    I don't try with the build 66 but i got this with the 64.

  • Drzewiecki T.

    Drzewiecki T. - 2005-04-27
    • milestone: 461921 --> 455736
    • priority: 5 --> 7
  • Drzewiecki T.

    Drzewiecki T. - 2006-01-19
    • milestone: 455736 --> Future
  • Aleksey Kochetov

    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Aleksey Kochetov

    i hope it was fixed


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