giving an input file through command line

  • pranay srivastava

    Hi All,
    i have oracle9 client installed in my system for some automation purpose
    i want to give an input file to oracle and generate output for that is it possible through single line command.

    • randolf_geist

      randolf_geist - 2008-04-10

      I strongly suggest using Oracle provided standard command line tools like SQL*Plus for batch automation.

      SQLTools/SQLTools++ is an interactive GUI tool, although it offers some command line options, but you can't generate output or execute scripts automatically, you can just connect to a database and open a list of files.

      SQLTools command line options:

      sqltools [/h[elp]]

          help        - show this help

      sqltools [{/n[olog]}|{/c[onnect]=<connection>}] [{/s[tart]}|{/r[euse]}] <file_list>   

          nolog        - don't try connect or show connection dialog
          connect        - connect using <connection> string
          <connection>    - user/password@{tnsalias}|{host:port:sid}[@{sysdba}|{sysoper}]
          start        - start a new instance of the program
          reuse        - reuse already running instance of the program
          <file_list>    - a space-separated list of files


    • pranay srivastava

      Hi Randolf,
      thnx for your reply for batch automation can you please give me some syntax how to give an input file to oracle with sql*plus?

      Pranay Srivastava

    • randolf_geist

      randolf_geist - 2008-04-10


      I assume this is the wrong place to ask for such an basic feature of Oracle tools handling. Read the manual first (RTMF) e.g. at It's fairly easy and straightforward to use the command line with SQL*Plus. I'm neither in the position nor do have the time to provide information about basic Oracle knowledge. This is a forum about SQLTools++ specific issues.


    • pranay srivastava

      sorry randolf,i had some problem with my settings.i m able to run it through commandline now.


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