#43 program hung when open a file already open by another sql_pp


Version:SQLTools_pp 1.21 RC3,Win2K SP4
If I had 2 sqltool_pp runing, 1 open a file. When I try to open the file in another sqltools_pp, the last sqltools_pp will hung. Even I close the fisrt sqltool_pp, the last sqltool_pp can not get back to work.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I try it again, when I open a file being opened by other program like work/excel, the SQLTOOL_PP also hung. By it is OK when I try to open a file currently opened by editplus/pspad etc.
    it seems that it happend when SQLTOOL_PP try to open a file that was opened by "write" lock mode.

  • randolf_geist

    randolf_geist - 2009-11-12

    Unfortunately I cannot reproduce on Win XP - but as you already noted it's probably due to the "file locking" performed by SQLTools by default. Try to uncheck the "Settings->Editor->Files->Keep files locked while editing them" option. This might solve your issue.

    In WinXP with locking enabled when attempting to open a file that is locked I get after a couple of seconds a message: "Cannot lock the file ... Would you like to continue without locking?" and everything is fine.

    You could try to download the "Developer build" if you haven't done so yet, however I don't think that I've addressed anything in this regard, so it very likely doesn't change the behaviour.



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