#29 Load table schema using DBMS_METADATA causes errors

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So I was checking/loading a table schema for a table when I ran into this problem.

Something looked off in the default "Load" of table, so I went and tried to check "Use DBMS_METADATA (>=9i)". I got "ORA-01403: no data found" which then produced a message. After dismissing the message box and trying to do anything else produces another one "ORA-03127: no new operations allowed until the active operation ends".

I am running against Oracle server.


  • randolf_geist

    randolf_geist - 2009-01-28


    thanks for posting this error. Unfortunately the description is fairly generic. Are you able to reproduce at will, and if yes, can you put together a generic test case or at least describe in more detail the steps used to reproduce? Is there something special with the schema object being described ("Something looked off", means "odd"?) If yes, please send me the information to reproduce to the official "errors ( a t ) sqltools-plusplus ( dot ) org" email address.

    Thanks & Regards,

  • Gennady Feldman

    Gennady Feldman - 2009-01-29

    "something looked off" was related to some possible bugs with the default settings of "Load" table feature that extracts and generates SQL for a table without using DBMS_METADATA option. There's a number of items that I ran into with that option and I don't want to pollute this bug with those details. I guess those should be filed separately.

    The issue is specific to using DBMS_METADATA option. It's 100% reproduceable for me. I tried it on both development and production DBs with the same results. I also tried on different tables with the same results.

    P.S. Could this be a regression? I could swear this was working before. I'll try a previous build or two tomorrow.


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