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SQLSentinel v 0.3 Released

I’m very excited to announce to everyone that the latest version of SQLSentinel is available for download.

Major new Improvements

-Support for PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle(BETA) sql injection techniques: union, error based and blind query(and XML Error Based for Oracle also)
-Cookie module for crawling and checking sites that are login required.

Minor improvements:
-Fixed crawler bug

0.3 release team:... read more

Posted by Luca Magistrelli 2013-01-30

SQLSentinel v 0.2 Released

In the download area you will now find the new SQLSentinel release 0.2 which includes several enhancements:

-Support for MySQL injection techniques: error-based, boolean-based blind and UNION query.
-Automatic random user-agents for the spider and sql crawler connections
-HTTP Proxy Support
-Fixed gui freeze bug when you start a new job.

0.2 Release team:

Main Coder: Luca Magistrelli < blackstorm010[at]gmail[dot]com >
Contributor: Michele Milidoni

Posted by Luca Magistrelli 2012-12-26

Jar used

Posted by Michele Milidoni 2012-05-05