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sqlREST 0.3.1 available

Enjoy the new sqlREST version 0.3.1.
It contains several bug fixes and it provides richer xml with resource names.

Posted by marco_h 2007-05-14

Sqlrest Beta is Available

try version 0.3-beta

Posted by marco_h 2007-04-05

0.1 alpha is available

sqlREST is now available in the version 0.1 alpha for download.

Posted by Thomas Bayer 2003-04-22

0.1 alpha release

A first release as source and binary will be available at the end of April. A "5 Minutes Guide" will guide you through the main features of sqlREST.

Posted by Thomas Bayer 2003-04-19

REST browser

SQLREST now contains a simple browse for sending REST style requests to resources.

Posted by Thomas Bayer 2003-04-15