Some examples of the code, so we all can learn from your experiences, will be nice.



On 1 April 2010 21:30, Juan Manuel Santos <> wrote:
I believe I fixed the speed issue. I wrapped the most expensive
functions/calls to SQLObject (expensive in terms of I/O) in a transaction. I
didn't realize that that's the way SQLAlchemy works, and maybe that's why it
was being faster (I had some functions which modified several attributes one
at a time, which resulted in several UPDATE statements).

Anyway in the end, and for the record, when wrapping the most expensive calls
in a transaction (so they get executed all at once), there is little to no
speed difference between SQLO and SQLA (and even SQLO turns out to be the
faster when there's a difference). Nice tip to keep in mind :)

Thanks everybody for their help, it was truly priceless!

Juan Manuel Santos

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