I'm not generating records that quickly, no.

In all honesty, I misread the width of the int.  But I should've known it was around 2 billion.  Thanks for bringing me back down to earth. :)


On 3/31/06, Jeremy Fitzhardinge <jeremy@goop.org> wrote:
Jaime Wyant wrote:
> Currently I have about 1.7 million rows in there.  SQLObject created
> the `id' column for the table as `int'.  MySQL's int has a value from
> |-2147483648| |to 2147483647.  |I suspect  that I'll be at the maximum
> INT value shortly.  Is there an `easy' way to reset the ID column to
> use BIGINT?  I suspect I'll have to regenerate the models, somehow
> specifying the id, but I'm not sure.
You've used about 1/1200th of your PK ID space.  Are you really
generating records at such a rate that this is a concern?  If so, simply
switching to unsigned isn't going to buy you much time.


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