> > Yes, there are column names like OID$CENKTGM01, MJ$TYP, AU$VYNOSY,
> > AU$VYNOSY, AU$ZASOBY etc. in the table.
> > The designer of the database is saying such a names are alowed according to
> > the ANSI-92 SQL.
>    SQLObject currently allows only columns that are proper Python identifiers.

  The workaround is like this:

class MyTable(SQLObject):
  column = StringCol(dbName="a$column")

though I am not sure it would help in all cases.

Thanks Oleg, I was reading about this feature of SQLObject. But my feeling was it is necessary to
type all column names manually if the
class sqlmeta:       
       fromDatabase = True
is not used.
To be more specific, I mean it is necessary to type in all column names used in the tabel, not just some of them.