Forgive me for a basic/simple question. If I already have a mysql db/tbl schema, so I've already created my test mysql db/tbls...

How can i simply read the tbl, and then insert a test row/value with a tbl that has an id of a varchar?

sample mysql db

use test; //test db name

create table foo (id varchar(10) not null default '',
 name varchar(10) not null default '',
 primary (id));

so oi already have a test table 'foo' that has some test data that i inserted via the mysql command line.
You can import names etc. from your existing table.
So maybe following code can help.
Of course you have to create a proper connection and a sqlhub.processConnection at the begening according to location of the file on your PC.

class Foo(SQLObject):
    class sqlmeta:
#        table = 'foo_foo' # you can give the name to the object,
                                 # this name can differ from the table name
        fromDatabase = True
        idName = "foo_id_name" 
        idType= str