On Tue, Dec 04, 2007 at 10:50:58PM +0100, Petr Jake?? wrote:
> I would like my atributes have actual values from the database in the time
> they are used (called).
> Trying to googling and searching discussion goups for a while, I have found
> following solution:
> class sqlmeta:
>         cacheValues = False
> Is this the only solution how to solve this problem?

  Yes, this is the solution. But you have to understand now every
attribute access results in its own SELECT. I.e. attribute access =>
SQLObject => DB API driver => SQL backend => DB API driver => SQLObject =>
attribute value.

I know the whole SQLObject machinery is running while I am using any of the SQLObject attribute. In my application two clients only are accessing to the database and they are working with the really small amount of data. So I guess the performance will not be an issue.

Or have I consider some other problem (bottle neck) than the performance of the script?