On 9/26/05, Philippe Normand <> wrote:
Le lundi 26 septembre 2005 à 01:22 -0400, Victor Ng a écrit :
> Hi all,
> I've been using SQLObject since the bad old days of 0.5.4 and we're
> actually using a rewrite of it for a custom ERP system.
> There are a bunch of changes that I'd like to see if I can get merged
> back into the mainline trunk of SQLObject, but I'm having trouble with
> getting my tests to run.
> I think I've got all the dependencies sorted out - setuptools 0.6a4,
> pysqlite 2.0.4, py-dist from codespeak and sqlobject from the SVN
> trunk all seem to be installed properly.
> How do I get simple tests to run?

First be sure to eval (from dist-py) so that your PYTHONPATH and
friends are correctly set.

Then go to sqlobject, if there's no data/ directory, create one (it will
contain the sqlite db and some other stuff).

Then simply run py.test and cross the fingers :-) That's how i do...
There's probably one way to customize the db backend to use (instead of
sqlite) but i've gone so far yet.


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